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canaletto buono

The idea CANALETTO is the result of years of research dedicated to the realization of a system that is able to guarantee the most important features in the use of the plasterboard ceiling.
Our range of solutions is born from the experience and needs of our current Technical Manager (formerly Craftsman business ownership) in answer to all the problems that were found during specific accomplishments. Problems that still characterize the realization of a suspended ceiling in a workmanlike manner.
Driven by these needs, the company Canaletto Srl, based in Altamura, started the industrial production of materials for the ceiling with the help of advanced technology and, together with the collaboration of various professionals, it is able to operate throughout the nationally and internationally.
Today the Company Canaletto srl It owns a business structure that operates in view of the Partnership.
Our philosophy is: Professionalism, Teamwork, Experience and Expertise.

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