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Akifix S.p.A. It is an industry leader in hardware-components for plasterboard and accessories for insulation systems to coat. Currently it has more than 3,500 customers in 53 different countries and a range of over 5,000 products. Italy, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean are the markets where the company is the absolute reference in the sector and the Akifix brand is synonymous with high quality and reliability.
Over the years, Akifix has diversified its offerings from traditional sectors – plasterboard and insulation – widening to other market segments such as, among others: lighting, paint and tools for painting, electrical engineering. Each segment is dedicated to a corporate brand that gives the products Akifix absolute visibility and traceability.
The process, from selection and creation of products to the after-sales service, is edited entirely by highly specialized staff within the company, which since 2007 can boast the ISO9001 certification, crucial milestone which ensures a very high standard.

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